Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quilt Show

Yesterday, I spent the day in Shedden at the International Plowing Match Quilt Show. The quilts were judged on Wednesday and the show was hung on Thursday. Friday and Saturday, they were open for people to come and see the quilts. I volunteered as a "white glover" on Saturday. There were about 80 quilts in the show and around 700 people came to see the quilts.
I enjoyed the day, walking around looking at the quilts and talking to people I saw at the show. I took pictures of several quilts including mine, shown above. I really liked working on this quilt and loved how it turned out.

Here are some of my favourite quilts at the show:This quilt won a prize in the applique category. It was heavily quilted as was the pink and white one beside it, also a prize winner.
Here is a close up of another of the prize winning applique quilts. You can see the entire quilt as well as some other pictures from the show over at Nancy's blog.

I would love to make a house quilt someday!

The leaf shape was quilted into the black parts of the quilt.

A quilter from the Elgin Piecemakers Guild made this one.

This postage stamp quilt was made using a cross stitch pattern--one 1" square of fabric per cross stitch on the pattern--thousands of 1" squares... The quilt to the left was also a prize winner--an applique piece depicting the Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa.

The organizing committee had a block competition and then put the submitted blocks together to make 4 quilts which are being raffled off. I took pictures of 3 out of the 4 quilts. (The 4th was not in a good place to be photographed.)

Here is the block that I made. We had to use at least 4 of the 5 fabrics provided. There was a great variety in the blocks submitted--No two the same.
Of course, the mascot of the Plowing Match was there...
I haven't been doing any sewing lately. We are working on our garden these days: moving plants, weeding, purchasing new plants and planting them, thinning out some of the perennials, etc. There is a large pile of mulch in my driveway at the moment, waiting to be put onto all of the gardens. This job will take several evenings to do but should result in less weeding--always a good thing! Tomorrow night is MNIC at my house--"Mulching Night in Canada"--if anyone cares to join us, bring your own shovel and wheelbarrow--Did I mention we have 6 cubic yards of mulch to spread around???

While my husband and I were eating supper outside on Friday, we saw a red bird in the tree behind our house. I ran inside for my camera and my telephoto lens to get a picture to see if we could identify the bird. If you know what kind of bird this is, let me know. I have not seen one like this before. I hope he comes back to visit again!


  1. I'm anxiously awaiting the IPM...WAH HOO. I was in grade school when last it was local.

    Your quilts are amazing as usual.

    If you have any abundance of perrenials requiring a home, I may be interested depending if they don't double with stuff I already have.

  2. Gail, it looks like a male Northern Cardinal without it's crest. It could also be a Summer Tanager, however, they have a different shaped beak and it is not surrounded with black feathers.
    The IPM show was great wasn't it.
    Sorry too busy in my own garden to come over to help.

  3. LOVE that house quilt.......I wanna make one too!!!!

  4. Love that house quilt!! I see your from Ontario. I'm from the other side of the water-grew up about fifteen minutes from Niagara Falls. Have a wonderful day!