Monday, June 14, 2010

Carolina Christmas--Step 2

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Christine and I decided to make Bonnie Hunters Carolina Christmas mystery quilt together. We got together 2 times back in April to work on the first step. We have both been rather busy for the last few weeks so there was no time to get together to sew. Tonight, the stars aligned and we finally had time to get together to sew again. Both of us worked on Step 2--some cutting and some sewing. Neither one of us completed this step but we have given ourselves a bit of homework to do before we get together to sew again next week. Here is some of my chain piecing for Step 2. My quilt is blue, brown and orange with a neutral background. Christine's chain piecing is shown above. Her quilt is green, red, gold with a neutral background. Somehow, she arrived here tonight without her sewing machine so I pulled out my Mom's old machine and she used it. The yellow paper marked the 1/4 inch line for her seams. There is no quarter inch foot on this machine. Christine also cut out her green HST's tonight. I still have to cut out my blue HST's (my homework for next week...).
Here are some of my 1/2 finished step two units...Stay tuned for more progress next week.

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