Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I met a Scottish Quilter!

On my recent trip to Scotland, I met a fellow quilter in Kemnay, a small town near Aberdeen. "D" is a neighbour of my cousin and her spouse. When they found out I was an avid quilter, they checked to see if "D" was home. I was warmly welcomed into her home to talk to her and see her quilts, her sewing room and her stash! "D" buys fabric at a little quilt store in Old Meldrum and my cousin and her spouse even took me took me there. I bought a few fat quarters at the shop. It was much smaller than the quilt stores in Canada but had as much fabric as some of the stores here!

This quilt was a birthday gift from a friend who lives in Canada and includes pictures of "D" and the things and people she loves. It hangs on the wall of her dining room. That is a bead fringe at the bottom. The label was lovely as well and had the following poem on it:

Through these Cathedral Windowsare some scenes that will unfold.A life so full of flowers
from a garden edged with gold.This fabric holds a tapestryof memories old and new
and though there are so many more,
I've opened up a few.

What a beautiful gift! "D" has been to Canada to visit her friend and they have even been to Peducah! I am so jealous!

This castle wall hanging had 3D dragons in the corners and lots of shiny gold stitching.

"D" does beautiful applique! She is currently working on this flower quilt top. Most of the quilts that "D" makes are gifts for her family and friends. She is also working on a quilt for her grandson who is a sports fan.

This is "D's" Underground Railroad Quilt which is on her bed. I have a friend who has made two of these, one full size and one miniature!

It was interesting and inspiring to meet "D" and see her quilts. I am in the midst of making her a fabric postcard and will be mailing it soon.

I am still not doing much sewing. The mulch "mountain" in our driveway is slowly getting smaller. My husband mulches the gardens while I move plants, weed, and thin out the perennials. Soon, we will be done. I will try to get my vegie garden planted this weekend and THEN I will have some time for sewing...


  1. How wonderful and special to have made an international quilting friend - D certainly does beautiful work!

  2. Always so fun to visit with another quilter!