Monday, November 8, 2010

The End of the Story (Almost!)

There once were two friends, Gail and Christine, who decided to each make Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas quilts together.  This quilt looked quite daunting to both of them and neither one of them thought they would ever complete this quilt without a support group!  So, Gail and Christine gathered up the fabrics that they would use to make these scrappy quilts. Christine decided to use green, gold, red and neutrals for her quilt and Gail picked out orange, brown, blue and neutral scraps from her stash. They decided to try to get together once a week to work on their quilts. 

Their first sewing night was in April 2010 when they started to cut the pieces needed for step one of this seven step mystery. Every week, they gave each other homework to complete before they got together to sew again. Sometimes, life and work and stuff got in the way of their weekly get togethers but they persevered and continued to meet most weeks. Sometimes, they sewed at Gail's house and sometimes they stitched at Christine's. Slowly, but surely, progress was made and the small pieces became sub-units and the sub-units became blocks and the blocks became larger blocks and the larger blocks became the center of the quilt and then the borders were added...

Fast forward to today!  November 8, 2010! Today, Christine and Gail got together at  Gail's house and finished putting their final pieced borders onto their quilts!  Christine was finished hers first. She tried

and tried

and tried to hold it up for Gail to take a picture but she was just too small and the quilt was just too big!

Gail finished her borders as well and they tried laying the quilts out on the sofa and love seat in Gail's living room but only part of the quilts showed--they were too big for the furniture in Gail's living room too!

Then Gail had a great idea!  She got on the phone and called her neighbour, Mary. Mary was available to come over and help hold the quilts for the official photographs!  It was a beautiful sunny day so they did the pictures outside. Here is Christine's quilt:
And here is Gail's Quilt, which she is calling  "Creamsicles by the Sea":

Gail chose to do her pieced borders in a slightly different way than the pattern suggested so she could have an orange frame around her quilt.

This is not really the end of the story for these quilts--Now Gail and Christine have to get fabric for the backs and have them quilted by a long arm quilter... Stay tuned for the happy and final end to the story...

If you want to see pictures of the whole story of this quilt, click here!


  1. Awesome quilts! Great job both of you!!!!!!!!!

  2. COngratulations you two! Fabulous job!

  3. Congrats! Saw Christine's on Saturday. Can't wait to see your's up close! Good Job.

  4. Awesome over the top pretty quilts to be sure!!!! Goes to show we can all get by with a lil help from our pals!!;-)
    Waytago gals!!

  5. Love the way Creamsicles by the Sea turned out. A friend and I made one as an Opportunity Quilt for our Guild. Tickets are on sale now with the drawing in June 2011. It's great fun to share a quilting project with a Sewing Sister. We get together once a week too.

  6. Congrats to you both!! Those tops are amazing and I bet you both made a good dent in your scrap bins!