Friday, November 26, 2010

A Job I Have Been Avoiding...

My ironing board cover has been deteriorating for quite a while but lately, it has gotten much worse in a hurry. Every time I ironed anything, more of it shreaded and fell apart. Action was needed!!

Here is my old cover:
Not Pretty!!!

Several months ago, I looked on google to see how to make a new ironing board cover. The link that impressed me the most used the old cover as a pattern and reused the tie part that goes under the ironing board. I ripped (literally) the old cover off of the bottom and cut out my new cover (A heavy canvas fabric) and heat proof pad (looks like batting with a silver side and a white side). I used my serger to sew them together. Then I pinned the bottom part from the old cover onto the new cover and serged them together.

I put the new cover onto the ironing board and attached the elastic clips on the bottom to keep the cover tight and in place on the board. I tightened the strings and tied them. The cover still looked lumpy and not smooth enough to use for ironing. I fired up my iron and ironed my new ironing board cover and voila, it was all smooth and perfect for ironing!  All this took about an hour. If I had known it would be so easy, I would have done this job ages ago!

Just so you don't think I am nuts for leaving my iron flat on my ironing board--it is an Oliso iron that pops up when not in use so it does not burn the board.

I spent most of the day yesterday making Christmas gifts that I can't reveal yet. I have a quilt back from the quilters--I will work on the binding today.

Last night, the Elgin Piecemakers met. Here is a picture of our red and white blocks--sorry about the angle--it is not a great picture. One of the members took these blocks home to make into a comfort quilt for a chemo patient. This time, we will be making blue and white blocks.

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  1. Good for you getting that ironing board cover done, it looks so pristine, not sure I'd be able to actually iron on it for fear of ruining it! Blessings, Peg