Wednesday, November 10, 2010

QNIC at Jacqui's

A group of 4 of us had a QNIC (Quilting Night in Canada) at Jacqui's house last night. Chris working on putting binding on a quilt. She is going to visit her grandchildren this weekend by plane and hopes to work on the hand sewing part while in transit.

Jacqui, Deb and I worked on our blocks for the 2011 International Plowing Match block competition. We purchased the kits at this year's plowing match in St. Thomas/Central Elgin in September and the deadline for submitting the blocks is next week. Here are the fabrics we received in our kits:

I had decided on my pattern, "Patchwork Fantasy", before I arrived at Jacqui's house. Here is my finished block: (You can see some of the pieces that Deb had cut out for block on the left side of the picture.)

Jacqui and Deb spent some time looking through magazines and books at potential blocks before cutting out the pieces for their blocks. They were not finished sewing their blocks when I left to go home but I am sure Jacqui will post pictures of the finished blocks on her blog. Jacqui's block is on the top left and Deb's is on the bottom left. You can also see the selvage 3-D blocks that Jacqui has on her design wall in the picture as well as a sneak peak at a very small portion of her stash on the far left of the picture. ;-)

Onward and upward.... I am off to clean out my linen closet and then work on some gifts.


  1. Cool pictures! You will be happy to note that I did a quicky blog post and linked your blog to mine ma'am LOL Now off to my sewing or I'm in trouble!!

  2. Sounds like a fun and productive QNIC!