Friday, February 25, 2011

Elgin Piecemakers Guild Report

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I belong to a small guild called the Elgin Piecemakers. We make quilts for chemo patients at our local hospital as an outreach project. Each month, we make a block for a chemo quilt--the picture above shows the red and white blocks made into a quilt top.  The picture below shows our blue and white blocks--Both of these tops have been delivered to the machine quilter and they will soon be ready to deliver to the chemo unit.

This month, we all made Tennessee blocks and 13 blocks were brought to our meeting.
Two of our members brought these home to make into a top. They will likely make 3 more blocks and then make it 4X4 so that the star pattern shows up. (See the bottom right 4 blocks)

Chris and I are going to put the black, red and white blocks together. We might have to make a couple more to have a 3X5 layout.

Pat gave us each a bag with the pieces already cut for our next blocks. She has really raised the bar for the next person to pick a pattern!

We had a show and tell of arcs last night. Here are Heather's 4 patches and arcs.

And here are Beth's:
Jacqui has all 120 done!

Yvonne has lots done too!

Check out the hot chili peppers in this one!

Keep an eye on Pat's blog for what she does with her sewing garbage.

I plan on doing some sewing tomorrow so stay tuned for another update...


  1. What wonderful quilts you are doing for the chemo patients. I'm sure it lifts their spirits immensely. I'm still amazed watching all the arcs develop.

  2. OH my goodness...what an inspiring post!
    Love all the quilts your guild is making!
    And the arcs...are just what I need to get me running to my sewing machine to sew some...beautiful!

  3. Where is the Elgin Guild?
    Can anyone join?
    Linda Smith