Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Gotta GO!

I celebrated yet another birthday earlier this week. My daughter is home for a week from university later this month so we will do the big family dinner/celebration when she is home but my husband did give me my birthday gift on the actual day of my birthday (and he took me out for supper too!). He bought me a GO!

I have been looking at the Accuquilt GO in stores and on the internet for quite a while and decided that I would like one. He has also seen the GO in the quilt stores when we were doing a shop hop together. Last night, my friend Karen and I tried it out and I made this little block.

I also made a post card for our guild postcard exchange this month. I have not made a postcard in quite a while!

The heart blocks that I made for the Quilted Table Yahoo group swap arrived safely to the swap queen's house and have been sorted out and mailed out to all the participants in the swap. I wonder where my new heart blocks will come from???  I will post a picture when they arrive.

This weekend, I plan on working on more arcs... 

I may dream a bit about what dies I would like to have for my GO as well...

If you have a GO and you have some favourite dies, let me know!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great year for you. Certainly started out well, with dinner out with hubby, and a GO gift. Nice!

  2. Gail, on Saturday you though hubby was birthday present shopping, what a nice gift.
    Happy birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I want a Go but I keep putting off making a decision because I just can't decide if it is worth the money. Let me know how much you love yours after you start using it.I live in Stratford just moved here from London about 4 months ago.

  4. Hi Gail: Guess what my husband bought me today? Yes I got a go too. We were at the Marsh store and I asked Shirley about it. I had been checking them out but this was the first time I got to see one work. I am very excited to start using it. Did you get any dies. I really want the tumbler to start. Talk with you soon. Call me if you get a chance.