Saturday, February 12, 2011

More arcs...85 done now!

I started these 15 arcs at Jacqui's last weekend. I started to work on them one evening this week, but my iron died (Yikes!) so I could not finish them off until today. I had a spare iron in the basement--it was in hiding so I had to find it before I could sew again. My husband found it, thankfully, so I was able to finish these arcs off today.
My piles of arcs are looking quite impressive. This represents a lot of sewing!!
You can see that there are two types of arcs in this quilt-half have "warm" coloured teeth and the other half have "cool" coloured teeth. Personally, I prefer white teeth...

I have started another 15 arcs--100 arcs must be done in time for the second Indian Orange Peel workshop in March. There are another 20 arcs like this in the border so I am going to try to get them done before the class as well. I would like to spend my time at my guild's "Quilt 'til You Wilt" day working on anything but arcs!--Perhaps my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt...

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