Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stringing along...

Christine and I got together to sew last night. I finished off my last 4 blocks like this...

My 30 blocks are on the right and Christine's 20 are on the left. She is making a twin sized quilt and I am making a queen sized quilt.

We both worked on string blocks last night. Christine made her first 5 blocks...

She has lots of fun fabrics in these blocks!

I started 14 more string blocks and hope to finish them later this week.

When these are done, I will have 36/60 string blocks done. I have to purchase some more light-weight non-fusible interfacing for the foundations for the remaining 24 string blocks.

We have plans to get together for another evening next week to work on more string blocks. These are taking a while.


  1. Wow - you are just about ready for the next step! Each step seems to take a long time but, I think, really worth the effort.

  2. Love the string blocks. I hadn't heard of using light weight interfacing for the foundation ... would like to try that.