Monday, August 29, 2011

Slowly but surely...

I finished off my 30 string blocks yesterday afternoon. Between working full time, gardening, housework, and spending time with my daughter who is home for 9 days before she heads back to Ottawa for her 3rd year of university, I am not getting much sewing time these days. Christine and I did manage to spend 3 hours working on our Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilts on Wednesday evening last week--it was storming outside, but safe and dry in my dining room as we sewed--at least until the lightening and thunder were coming so fast and furious that the power started to flicker. At that point, we unplugged the machines and headed down to the basement to wait out the storm. Christine almost had a sleepover at my house, but the storm was finally over around 11pm and she could safely drive home.

Here are some of my completed, but not pressed blocks.
Christine got quite a few done too--hers are pressed!
I laid my 30 string blocks out on the design floor to admire them.  Christine and I will get together again next week to work on red and neutral HST's--I have to make 600 of them. Still lots of sewing to do to finish off this quilt. It is good to have a friend to sew with to keep me on task.


  1. Loretta in LouisianaAugust 29, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Your blocks look wonderful!!

  2. My goodness - while humble in appearance, the overall result of all those blocks is really lovely!!!

  3. Great job on the string blocks Gail!

  4. Your string blocks are beautiful!
    Debbie R.

  5. Looking good! WHOOT WHOOT! I am loving quilting along with you too!

  6. Wow you do 'roll out' a lot of work! I love what your doing in the neutral palette. The buddy system does help keep one on track or stimulate you to jump track LOL