Saturday, July 27, 2013

More slabs and I am in a bind again...

I received two squishy envelopes this week. These two slabs came all the way from Pokey in California for the Slabs for Alberta project that I have been working on.  I love seeing other people's scraps. Pokey included some polka-dots in both of her slabs!  Thanks, Pokey!

Kathy sent me these two teal slabs in the mail. Nice scraps, Kathy!  Thanks for contributing to this project!  I hope to get the quilt top made shortly and off in the mail to Cheryl in Calgary to be quilted and bound and given to someone who was affected by the flood.

Cathy (a different one) and Karen came over one evening this week for some sewing. We got so engrossed in our sewing that we did not even stop for a snack or a drink! Karen put some borders on a quilt top that she finished a while ago and Cathy did a block for a fall leaf quilt.  I put bindings on two quilts. I did not even take any pictures, except this one:

I put the roll of binding on the leg of my acrylic sewing table to keep it from falling all over the floor. This worked very well!

I have finished hand sewing the binding on the Trip Around the World quilt that my nieces and I started piecing two years ago. Here they are holding it up for me to take a picture:

Here's the back...
I like the striped binding!

I am still doing the hand sewing part on the binding of Swoon. I am a little more than a quarter of the way around this quilt.

There is still some stash sorting and organizing going on as well.

I am going to link up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching post tomorrow. 

Not much change in the stash this week. I bought some backing for Christine's pillow and two fat quarters with birds on them.

Fabric used in the last week: .5 yards
Total fabric used this year: 111.5  yards
Fabric added to the stash in the last week: 1.33 yards
Total fabric added this year: 95.16 yards
Net fabric used this year: 16.34 yards

Have a wonderful weekend! (What's left of it!)


  1. Love that black and white striped binding! Congrats on your almost finish.

  2. I also love that black and white binding! Great tip to put the roll under the table foot!
    Thanks for linking up and enjoy your hand stitching today!

  3. I love the striped binding too! I hope to make some scrappy bias piping this week to add to my spool quilt this week. A new adventure for me! Hopefully it will the add the sparkle that your binding is adding to your quilt.

  4. Pretty binding! Love the stripes.