Friday, October 4, 2013

The Fashions of BIQR

At each Beaver Island Quilt Retreat, there are shirts available for sale and this year was no exception. Here is this year's shirt, modelled by Gwen!
Here is Gwen again, wearing last year's liberated medallion shirt while she looks through the quilt blocks given to her by all of the quilters at this year's retreat for her birthday. The block I made her is on the right.   Here is a picture of all of the blocks.
One of Gwen's grandsons embellished her crocs with long grass he found at the beach. You can see from the design that he is already liberated, just like his grandmother!

Here is the BIQR 2010 shirt.
This is Gwen sitting in front of one quilter's design wall...we call this picture: 
Gwen...the Statue of Liberated!
Barb recently celebrated her 65th birthday with a liberated tattoo!
This shirt says it all!
This one even includes the English translation...
Some quilter's jewellery!
Deb's sketch
(Her jewellery matched her quilt...)
The shirt below belongs to me...more than one person at the retreat wondered if I had ever tried to snap some of the snaps!

A fun jacket...
and another one.
All quilters need comfy shoes!
How about these ones? (ignore the photographer's finger in the lower right corner....)
Here is a picture of Gwen's Birthday cake:
 Enjoyed by all!

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