Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gwen's Quilt

As many of you already know, BIQR 2013 was the 30th and final retreat organized by Gwen Marston. She has decided to cut back on her teaching schedule and spend less time travelling. On the way home from last year's retreat, Carol, Christine and I decided that we should make Gwen a quilt to thank her for all she has taught us. We went shopping at the Marsh Store where we picked out the fabrics we would use for our project. After three sessions of sewing and some homework in between, we had completed our quilt top.

This picture was taken after our first day of sewing.

During our 3rd day of sewing, we completed the top. (Borders were added after this picture was taken.)

I did the hand sewing on the binding in the car on the way to the retreat.

We gave the quilt to Gwen at show and tell on Wednesday night. We started by showing our collaborative project and talking about the Canadian Maple Leaves and Canada Geese on the quilt, as well as the other features of the quilt.  As if on cue, one of the other quilters asked "Who gets to keep the quilt???"   It was then that we revealed that the quilt was a gift for Gwen!

Christine, me, Gwen and Carol
We high-jacked the quilt and took some pictures of it before finally leaving it with Gwen.
The back is flannel to keep Gwen warm on those cold winter nights!
The quilting was done by Cathy at Eagle's Wings Quilts. She did a wonderful job! 
Lots of daisies!
Love the chicken fabric!
Half daisies in the geese.
The basket.
All tucked in!
The four of us with the quilt.


  1. What a great quilt and fantastic gift for Gwen! love seeing all the extra details....well done ladies WELL DONE!!!!!!

  2. This is a beautiful quilt...filled with love and light.
    The photos are gorgeous and as you all!