Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hand Sewing Night and a Baby Gift

Karen came over to sew on Wednesday night this week. While she worked on a new quilt for her bed, I hand sewed a shirt pocket on the back of each of the shirt quilts that I blogged about here. When I gave everyone their quilts on Boxing day, I told them I would sew a shirt pocket on the back of each quilt.

They each picked a pocket from the ones that I had brought with me.

My FIL always carried a hankie in his pocket. My MIL still had his hankies and she brought them out so everyone could pick a hankie to put in the pocket that they had chosen.
The quilts will be going back to their new owners tomorrow.
 Today, Karen, Christine and Cathy came over to sew for the afternoon. I worked on a baby quilt for a baby who was born 6 weeks ago. I am hoping she does not mind that her gift is not done yet! I was a bit too busy sewing shirt quilts to get her baby quilt done!
There was a lot of cutting to do before I could start to sew. I did not have very many of the light pieces cut before today but they are all done now. I managed to get 15 rows sewn together today--only 20 more to go...
All of the coloured strips are different but there are up to 3 repeats of most of the light fabrics. I think that the recipient of this quilt will like playing "I Spy" when she and her parents are looking at her quilt.
The pattern is called "the Stacks" and it was designed by Karen Griska, over at the Selvage Blog. The colourful "piles" of strips in this quilt remind her of the stacks of books in a college/university library. I hope to finish the top this week so that I can do the quilting. I will be quilting this one myself organically.
Bye for now!


  1. The pockets are such a thoughtful finish to your comfort quilts, and the hankies are so sweet! I bet it made Mom feel good to add to the gift.
    I like your baby quilt! the low volume prints sure add to the visual texture. I made one with only white background, but I love this one ~

  2. How nice to have a little pocket and hanky handy. Such a sweet idea. Super cute baby quilt. So many different fabrics!

  3. Your idea of the shirt pockets with the hankies in them is so sweet and I know appreciated by the recipients of the quilts. They add such a special touch especially with the history of the hankies used. Your baby quilt is going to be so bright and cheery. I can just see the baby looking at all the prints and colors. So much work but oh, so worth it. genie

  4. Your family is so lucky to have you! I went back and read all about the shirt quilts.It is great how you personalized each one with special memory fabric, how lucky that you were able to find was destiny I think! Great job ...your FIL would love all those memories and work put into the quilts for the family I am sure!

  5. Your shirt quilts are just awesome! What a great idea with the hankies! I also like the stacked baby quilt, I am sure the baby won't mind that it isn't finished yet.

  6. The pockets are the perfect finishing touch for your shirt quilt gifts.
    Love that baby quilt!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  7. You've added so many special touches to those quilts - they are sure to be treasured!
    What a delightful baby quilt! All of those fun colors and so much to look at - perfect for a new baby!

  8. The pockets are a clever idea.
    The colourful baby quilt will be so much fun in years to come