Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Last Gift of Christmas 2013

The Elgin Piecemakers, or most of us anyways, gathered at a local Italian restaurant last night to share a meal and do our annual exchange of Christmas gifts. The weather was very cold and blustery and the roads were not great, but we all enjoyed wonderful food and conversation together.

I had picked Heather's name out of the hat at the previous meeting and decided right away that I would make her a selvage sewing stool for her gift.  I could not bring the whole stool in to the restaurant so I just put the seat into a bag and brought it along with me.  Heather's favourite colour is pink so I dug through all of my selvages to find the pink ones.  I do not use a lot of pink fabric in my quilts so it took a lot of searching through my very large bin to get enough selvages for this project.

Heather was not sure what it was at first until I told her that the rest of the present was in my car!  She was thrilled to add the stool to her sewing room!   The sewing machine in the picture above belonged to my grandmother. I purchased the cabinet for it and it sits in my dining room.

One of the other ladies commented that I must have used up a lot of selvages making three stools for Christmas gifts. I told her I did not even make a dent in my collection!  I will have to do another selvage quilt to use up some more sometime this year.

Here are all three stools. Their new owners are happy. They are a fun project to make and don't take too long to complete.


  1. Thank you for mine. I love it!

  2. Every one of them is a winner! So, did you hit a great sale on these cute stools? I like them, too, and can't say I've seen any like them.

  3. What a wonderful gift! I have only recently started my selvedge collection, yours sounds wonderful!