Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wool Squirrel Progress

I have had a busy week but took the opportunity here and there to do some more hand stitching on my wool applique project. As we all know, sewing with black thread on black fabric is not very much fun so I decided to outline the squirrel and his tail in dark gray.

The squirrel and the bird are friends.  I will be adding the eyes today so they can see each other better!

I like the bird's jaunty acorn cap!
The bird will get some legs and feet today.

I just need to finish off the applique on one more leaf first.
I think this project is begging for some hand quilting. It needs some borders to bring it up to the size of my pillow form before I start quilting

The snow and ice are melting at my house. I managed to get a picture of a water drop just starting to fall from the roof of my house. It is funny that we always portray water drops falling as pointy at the top end and round at the bottom.  This picture clearly shows that they fall as spheres.  I need to change all of my childhood artwork now!


  1. Fantastic action shot of the water drop!
    Love your stitchery project! I smiled at the thought of the bird and squirrel being friends instead of seed competitors!

  2. That little squirrel is adorable--good call on the gray thread!

  3. Great water dripping shot! I just love that squirrel with the grey outline. I'll bet they can't wait to 'see' each other. =)

  4. I like the grey outlining the squirrel. I gives it some dimension and texture!

  5. Oh yes, good call on the grey outlining for the squirrel . . . paired with his grey/black herringbone tail, it makes him look very jaunty!! :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing this one finished! The squirrel and birdie will be happy when they can see each other!

  7. Bertie must be English to wear a hat like that! LOL I hope spring arrives soon!

  8. Love what you're showing of your pillow top!!! Great shot of the drip. :)