Sunday, June 21, 2015

Today's Slow Stitching and Quilt Vortex update

Last week, I finished hand quilting this little sheep wall hanging and today I will be hand stitching the binding down.  This is a gift for my MIL for her birthday which was in May.  I gave her the unfinished project in a bag and then took it back to finish it. She likes sheep so I thought this would be a great little gift for her.

My husband was out last night so a friend came over--after a long walk, she did some knitting while I did some sewing on my quilt vortex project. We drank iced tea and chatted while we knitted and sewed.

 I had a pile of pressing to do first. Then, I just chain pieced and randomly joined the pairs together.

More pressing. More sewing.  More trimming.

Soon, I had sewn up all the scraps that I had put into my bin.  I laid everything out on the design floor and took this picture:

Quilt vortex is a quilt along project with Crazy Mom.  I am not quite caught up but progress is being made! I am hoping for a lap sized quilt in the end.  I may need to dig through my scrap bags and bins for more scraps for more blocks to bring it up to this size.  Lucky for me, I have a few more scraps lurking about in my sewing room to chose from!

Happy Slow Sunday Stitching to everyone at Kathy's blog!  Happy Father's day to all of the Dads as well.


  1. Oh you temptress! It looks fabulous... totally my kind of quilt!
    Do you need more scraps? I can bring a bin or two over!
    Enjoy your hand stitching today :)

  2. Cute little sheep. And Im loving your scrap quilt.

  3. I like what you are doing with your scraps. Very interesting indeed!

  4. That is a great scrap project. It is so colorful

  5. I, too, am working along on the vortex. But not sure where we would need to be to be 'caught up'. I keep putting pieces together in larger and larger sections unsure when to STOP! Maybe I better hold off til Wed.'s directions! HA Yours are looking good!

  6. These scraps look fantastic. You should sew them together just how they are laid out now.

  7. Your scraps look happy together. Love the reds, orange with lime greens together.

  8. Love the effects of your scarp vortex lol it has the look of the fields seen from above as your landing in an aircraft!
    Im still thinking about starting one lol