Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vortexing along...

I am slowly working away on my quilt vortex project.  Sewing, trimming, more sewing, more trimming. 

After trimming, I sort the pieces into piles of approximately the same size and shape and then I start sewing them together.  It is fun to revisit scraps from projects of the past.  The fabric with the hexagons is a scrap leftover from my daughter's university quilt. I made the quilt for her when she started university.  She graduated a couple of weeks ago and is now gainfully employed.  Later this year, she and I are going to pick out fabric and a pattern for a new quilt for her apartment as a graduation gift.  The purple batik scraps are from my purple "Yellow Brick Road" quilt. I am hoping for a good sized lap quilt at the end of this process.
Stay tuned for more progress reports, maybe later this week.


  1. Revisiting the ghosts of quilts past is the best part of scrap quilting,

  2. You're making wonderful progress!