Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A New Project...

I have been sorely lacking in time to sew in recent months.  I have been busy looking after a sick relative and all that that entails so sewing machine time went by the wayside...  I have been trying to get my sewing mojo back and decided that starting a new scrappy quilt might be just the ticket!  Crazy Mom just started a new sew along at her blog a couple of weeks ago.  She is giving step by step instructions to make a scrap vortex quilt to use up the small bits of fabric that breed in sewing rooms everywhere.
One night last week, I gathered up all of my bags of scraps, mostly sorted out by colour, and grabbed a bin.  I went through all of the bags of bits and pieces and picked out all the brightly coloured ones and threw them into the bin. 
The next step involved taking two pieces of fabric from the bin and just sewing them together.  I chain pieced as many as I could in one evening and came up with this pile.
Tonight, I ironed them and laid them out on my design floor. I was surprised how many I had made!
Last week's instructions were to sew pairs together, creating bigger chunks of scraps.  I hope to find some time this week to do this.  I also still have lots of scraps in the bin --as I said before, they do seem to breed when I am not looking!  I will have to sew them into pairs too. I don't want to have to put any scraps back into the zip lock bags.


  1. I had been watching her blog too but decided to dig into the scraps for a different project but still using scraps

  2. So nice to see what you are doing for the Scrap Vortex. It's interesting to see all your batik scraps in the bin, I want to do another one with just batik scraps.

  3. Very nice job. Followed you here. Sure is fun to do. This week was better for me. Returning to week two to finish up leftovers.

  4. I took that idea and ran with it, or did it run away with me. I now have a series of blocks from 2 pieces to 10 pieces joined, pressed and waiting to be trimmed. This will be my 9th scrap vortex quilt and I love them. I have a log cabin quilt on my frame that was made from all my strips and remnant boxes.

  5. What a fun and relaxing idea! Makes me want to get out a scrap bin and start!