Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cheryl Arkison's Lecture

A week ago, I went to a truck show/lecture by Cheryl Arkison from Calgary, Alberta. She was in Ontario for several days to do a couple of trunk shows and teach 4 classes in London and Toronto. She brought a suitcase full of quilts to show to us! Cheryl loves to use scraps and made the above slab quilt using her scraps which she had sorted into piles by colour.

This quilt was made using her low volume scraps.  I love how soft it looks!

Cheryl recommends making baby quilts no wider than 40 inches so that you don't have to piece the backing. This baby quilt was quick and easy to make.

A crossword puzzle was the inspiration for this quilt.

The wonky yellow triangles are made log cabin style.  Who said you should not use yellow in a quilt???

This quilt was inspired by reading Gwen Marston's book, Liberated Quiltmaking.  I have a copy of this book and several others by Gwen on my shelf.

Cheryl went through a green phase and decided to try making the corner stones and sashing the focus of this quilt.

Inspired by a mountain meadow, this was my favourite quilt that Cheryl showed.

A perfect quilt for a sewing room wall!

Her husband challenged her to make a quilt that looks like an equalizer on an old stereo.   The lights just glow on that black background!

I bought a copy of Cheryl's latest book and she signed it for me.  It was a fun and inspiring evening.  Now, I just want to spend my time in my sewing room playing with fabric...  Thanks, Cheryl!

It is Slow Sunday stitching time tomorrow...  I bought home a Quilt of Valour from the London Friendship Guild meeting this past Thursday night so I will put putting the binding on it tomorrow. Somehow, between the meeting and home, I have misplaced the binding.  I think I might have some fabric around here somewhere that I can use instead...


  1. 'Mountain meadow' is my favourite too, by a long way! The crossword puzzle is inspired though :) Have a fab day stitching today, hope you found your binding!

  2. Thanks for sharing her wonderful quilts and I hope you get your binding dilemma worked out and you are able to put in some slow stitches.

  3. What a beautiful way to use scraps. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I hope you figure out your binding problem. Happy stitching.

  4. Lucky you getting to see Cheryl's quilts in real life! AND get an autographed book! I love the sewing machine quilt! Enjoy your stitching today!

  5. What a fun trunk show you got to see. Hope the binding appears.

  6. Thanks for sharing those wonderful quilts. Hope you find your binding.

  7. What a fun show -- she had lots of inspiration to share!! Binding is a great, cozy project for a chilly Sunday -- enjoy! :)

  8. Oh thanks for the looksee into the show--I LOVE Mountain Meadow too...
    When you get to binding--it's almost done

  9. Beautiful quilts. There's so much inspiration there xx

  10. How frustrating to mislay your binding - I hope you did manage to find more.
    That looks like a super show. I especially love the green Gwen Marston inspired quilt.

  11. So glad to hear you had a wonderful, inspiring time. Lovely to meet you.