Sunday, May 22, 2016

Flannel Scraps

In an effort to clean up my fabric storage area, I went through all of my flannel fabrics and sorted them into scraps, yardage and larger pieces bigger than a fat quarter but smaller than a yard.  The larger pieces and yardage were folded neatly and stored in two bins--neatly labelled and easily accessible.  That left me with two plastic containers of scraps.  I decided to sort the scraps in to two piles--brighter colours and duller colours.  The picture above is one of the bins..."duller" scraps.  Last year, I made a scrap vortex quilt with some of my scraps--I used up lots of scraps but did not make much of a dent in the scrap pile. This year, I am making a flannel scrap vortex quilt...

I keep the bin of scraps by my sewing machine and in between sewing other stuff together, I grab two pieces of flannel and use them as a leader/ender.  Today, I had 30 minutes to spare, so I went downstairs and sewed a bunch of twosies...

This is the pile behind the sewing machine when I stopped sewing.  It looked better once I had them cut apart and in a pile on the cutting board for pressing.

Better still once they were pressed...

There are always lots of memories in a scrap quilt... the animal print is leftover from a pair of PJ's I made for my niece one year for her birthday.

Here are some of the bits I sewed together earlier this week. 

They are all pressed and ready to sew to each other...

I am hoping to use up all of the dull flannel scraps in my collection in this quilt.  I am hoping for a good sized lap quilt by the time all is said and done.

I even had a few leftover flying geese that made it into this project.  Some of these pieces need to be trimmed before they can be sewn together.  I can do this in short snippets of time over the next week or two.  This should be a very warm and cozy quilt.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but at least some of the flannel scraps will be tamed!

More blooms in my garden this week...


  1. I've been really into scrap quilting myself this year. It feels good to be able to use up every last bit of fabric. This will be a lovely and snuggly quilt when finished!

  2. When I saw the pictures of the fabrics I hought; "how dull!!", but I am wrong. Your blocks are beautiful together. So are the booms in your garden!!

  3. The addition of the flying geese will be a nice surprise in your vortex quilt! Thank you for sharing the blooms from your garden, just beautiful!