Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Week's Sewing Report

Fran and I spent an evening this week sewing the Navy and Yellow blocks that the members of the Elgin Piecemakers made into a quilt top. 

I had the striped sashing fabric in my stash and Fran found the blue cornerstone fabric in her stash.

Fran sewed and I tried to keep the pieces organized and pressed.  It only took us 90 minutes to get the top arranged and sewn!  Fran went shopping the next day to get some outer border fabric.  I just have to piece the backing and it will be ready for quilting!

I started a new project this week...I have had my mind on the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta who have had to leave their homes due to the wildfires that have swept through the area, destroying many homes and businesses in their path.  I decided to make a quilt to send out to Alberta for one of the families who has lost their home.  I had a layer cake in my stash that was just waiting to be made into a quilt so one night this week, I got started...

The blocks are simple.  I cut each square of fabric in half and inserted a 1.5" strip into it.  I will arrange them with the stripe vertical in one block and horizontal in the next block.  There were lots of squares in the layer cake so this should make a decent sized quilt. I will post a picture after I get the blocks sewn together.  The green I chose is in several of the pieces of fabric in the layer cake, although that is not obvious in the above picture!!!

There are lots of quilters making quilts for the families who have been devastated by the wildfire.  I love it that the quilting community reaches out to people they do not know to help bring comfort and warmth in difficult times.

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  1. The two of you arranged the blocks and pieced quickly, I would have still been rearranging the blocks. The yellow is a great choice to insert into the blocks.