Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fancy Forest Top Done!

Today was sewing day at Christine's.  We both had all of our blocks done for our Fancy Forest quilts so it was time to put these tops together! Here are all my blocks on my design wall:

First, I put the left section together...

And then the right section...

Next up, the outer border:

We hung our tops on the line outside and took a few pictures before it started to rain.

As you can see, our supervisor, Daisy, kept a close eye on things!

Christine's son took a picture of us with our quilts. We are both very happy to have our quilt tops done and ready for quilting!


  1. Christine and Gail, these quilts evoked a smile when I really needed it. 😘

  2. Really cute! Are they going to be ready for Show and Tell?

  3. Love the quilts! I am going to start one of these next year!

  4. These are fabulous! I like the idea of using all the animals but making a smaller sized quilt... this would be perfect for my DIL...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love the quilts. I've been eyeing the patterns for a long time.

  6. They both are lovely. I'm still waiting to get started on mine. A little nervous about it. :)

  7. love the quilts, but it is the "quilt supervisor" who gets the aahhh moment:)