Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wooly Sheep

I took an all day train trip this past week to visit my daughter.  I spent some time earlier in the week prepping my sheep wall hanging, hand basting all the pieces to the background so they would not get lost on the train.  The heads and ears will be added after I get the stitching done on the bodies. 

I chose embroidery thread colours to use for the blanket stitch around each shape.

I put everything I needed for this project into a zippered pouch that I won years ago on another bloggers give-away.

The glasses are very important!

The black thread is for some minor repairs on a pair of my daughter's pants (the hem is coming down.) and to sew some buttons back onto her good coat.  In our family, the sewing gene seems to skip a generation.  My grandmother was a tailor and my step grandmother was a quilter.  I pushed my mother to take sewing classes so she would buy a sewing machine that I could use.  My daughter is not at all interested in sewing but she does like the quilts I make for her.  :-)

All ready to sew on the train. 

There will be more sewing on the way home.  The ticket person on the train told me that they always have a few sewers and knitters on the train.  Too bad we did not get to all sit together!  

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  1. Enjoy the sewing and I am laughing a bit...c'mon teach her to sew on that button :)

    1. I have taught her how to sew on a button, hem pants, use a sewing machine. Etc. Just not her forte. She has lots of other wonderful talents and helps me with the stuff I am not good at so I don't mind doing her mending once in a while. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your post...the thought of ya sewing on a train made me smile.

  3. I used to take the train back and forth from college and I would work on homework each way, but now I would definitely have my hands busy with stitching. Way to travel with your project!

  4. Your project is adorable--love those stacked sheep! I had almost the exact same zippered pouch on our drive to the Twin Cities for Thanksgiving--can't pass up an opportunity to get some stitching done!

  5. Love the sheep project you will be sewing on the train, in my family sewing seems to have skipped not only a generation but all my siblings as well. I am the one everyone used to visit to sew on a button or take up a hem.

  6. What a nice little project. Very cute sheep!

  7. I love your little project pouch. That wall hanging is looking good. I am smiling because my son, daughter, husband and mother all have me shorten and mend things for them.

  8. Yes that gene has skipped a generation here too :)
    Such a great project to take on the train!
    It would be so cool to have a stitching section on the train so you could all sit together :)

  9. Oh yes, it would make journeys so much fun if all the stitchers could sit together. I love your fabrics and colours for the sheep, and your stitching is so beautifully neat and even.

  10. My girls have no interest in any sort of stitching. Neither did my Sister, but everyone else in my family was involved in some type of stitching for generations. Sweet little sheep!

  11. What a cute project to take along for the ride. My daughter has no interest in learning to sew. I blame it on her Dad's family, I think their no sewing gene trumped my family's stitching gene.