Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sewing on the Train

Last weekend, I took the train to visit my daughter.  I spent most of my travelling time working on the sheep wall hanging that I am making for my MIL for Christmas.  I managed to finish the buttonhole stitch on the sheep bodies, the hearts, all the flowers and the stems and leaves of three of the flowers. 

The people sitting beside me on each train all asked me about my project. One man told me about his mother who had died recently and who had made crocheted doilies.  He was not sure what to do with all the doilies.  He had children and grandchildren to give them to but he did not want them to just get put in a drawer and forgotten.  I suggested he have them framed and then his family members could hang them on the wall.  He thought this was a great idea and was going to look into it when he got home.  

One evening this week, a friend came over to knit and I sewed on the faces, heads and ears of the sheep.  I also worked on some more stems and leaves.

Only a few more stems and leaves to go!

I hope to put some more stitches in tomorrow for slow Sunday Stitching.  There are some little buttons to add for the eyes too.  Then, it will have to be quilted by hand too.  It's a good thing this is a small wall hanging!  My deadline for this project and other gifts is looming! 

I made another snowman pillow this week for a special order for a friend's friend to give to his wife for Christmas.  The buttons and the mouth are hand stitched so they count for slow stitching this week too.

I am linking up with Kathy for slow Sunday stitching.  


  1. the one thing about traveling is talking to others along the way - sometimes good companions while you wait and other times so very annoying - I always find people older than I better to talk to - they are just interesting! good idea on the doilies I have seen them in a picture frame also and also with a photo of the person that made them in front of the doilie

  2. you made alot of progress this week / this is such a cute project. I really like that framing the doilies idea.

  3. So fun to have a project out to start conversations as you travel. It always brings back some nice memories for people.

  4. My goodness, your stitches are perfect!

  5. Such beautiful stitching Gail! I adore this sheep project!
    And the pillow is such a lovely gift too!
    I enjoyed reading about the train ride and visits with the passengers!
    Thanks for sharing with the Slow Sunday Stitchers!

  6. I love your sheep wall hanging and your stitches are soooooo neat!

  7. With just the addition of the faces and ears, those sheep now have personalities. They are adorable.

  8. These are both really lovely projects. It's great that you have some time for hand stitiching and slowing down during this very busy time of year.