Friday, December 16, 2016

I Spy...

This past January, my church, along with several other churches sponsored a refugee family from Syria.  The family includes the parents and four young children.  You may remember that some quilting friends and I made sure that they all had quilts for their beds when they arrived in Canada. This first family is expecting a baby any time now and I made the new baby an I Spy quilt a few weeks ago.  The churches always intended to sponsor two families and have recently been told that the second family will be arriving soon.

Earlier this year, Christine, Cathy and I made a double bed quilt for the parents of the second family. Then, we decided to wait to see what other quilts would be needed before proceeding with more quilts.  The new family is made up of grandparents, parents and a one year old child, as well as the aunt of the child.  The quilt we have already made will be for the parents.  (Sorry I don't have a picture of the entire quilt!)

We decided to make an I Spy quilt for the one year old.  We each contributed 40 fabrics to the quilt.  I supplied the green fabric and Christine supplied the blue.  Christine is piecing a flannel back for this quilt and I will likely do the quilting and binding.  

(Sorry for the bad lighting...)

I looked through my quilt collection and found a pretty quilt that I have never used. I made it years ago.  I decided to gift it to the aunt.

We showed the quilts at our guild meeting and asked if anyone had a quilt or quilt top at home that they could donate for the grandparents.  The morning after the meeting, I received an email from Maureen saying that she had a quilt top to donate!  Cathy has agreed to quilt it for us once we get some backing.  I love my wonderful quilting friends!  


  1. that is so neat! I'm sure the family will be very grateful for the welcome

  2. This family is going to just love this beautiful gift of quilts.

  3. That's so generous, and a warm an loving welcome to a new country and a new home.

  4. What a wonderful way to welcome a new family into the neighborhood! If there's anything that will help them feel welcome and safe, those quilts are the ticket. Thanks to everyone for being so generous.

  5. What a lovely welcome - for the family to be wrapped in quilts.