Sunday, November 20, 2016

Santa and some Slow Stitching

Christine and I got up very early yesterday morning to set up our table at the farmers' market to sell our quilted pillows.  We had a special visitor to our table:

Here is Christine:

It was cold and damp but at least we had a roof over our heads!  Here are my pillows...

I would like to be able to say that we sold out, but that would not be true. We each sold some of what we brought...we wish more people had purchased rather than just admiring the pillows, and moving on. We were both glad when the morning was over and we could pack up and go home for something warm to eat and drink.  

Today, I will be working on my wool Applique for slow Sunday stitching while enjoying a cup of tea.  I had to un-sew a few stitches this week because I forgot that the legs of the sheep needed to go on before the bodies!  I will try to pay closer attention from now on so that does not happen again!   

On Friday, it was warm and coats required.  Today, this is what is happening outside my window...

I'm going to go and make that tea now. 


  1. sorry you still had to bring home things from the sale but that is the way most of those go I have found - so many of us that have ever had a sale of our quilts/pillows and things always seem to bring some home, people just do not want to pay what they are worth.

  2. Brrr! Just flakes in the air here so far today. Your pillows are all cozy and nice -- I'm sure they will eventually find appreciative homes!

  3. WOW you had WAY much more snow that we did here and I am not sad about that :)
    The pillows are wonderful!

  4. Cute pillows. I especially love the ones with trees.