Saturday, March 18, 2017

Christmas Candles and some New Fabric!

I'm happy to report that I finished one of my secret projects this week!  Unfortunately, I can't share any pictures of it until after my Elgin Piecemakers meeting later this week.  It is the project for our annual challenge and I am glad to have it done a week ahead of time!

Yesterday, a friend and I went for a drive and we ended up at the Marsh Store (there is a link to their website in my sidebar).  I came home with these...

I was offered a shopping basket as I was browsing but declined...I decided to buy what I could hold in one hand.  My red stash was looking very depleted so those reds are a welcome addition.  

I received a squishy in the mail this week from Kathy.  She sent me some wonderful black and white scraps for my EPP plus signs!  These will add more variety to my plus sign project and have been added to my EPP bag. Thanks, Kathy! 

There will be some car sewing this weekend so I should be able to get some more plus signs done for my slow Sunday Stitching. 

Last weekend, Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts released another block pattern for her Christmas quilt-along. I made the candle block last night.

Here are the five blocks I have made so far:

We had a lot of cold snowy weather this past week but there is some hope that Spring will soon be here...I saw my first Robin this week!  Sorry this is not the clearest picture!  He was joined by a bright red Cardinal in the bush over the fence. 


  1. Love your new fabrics and the candle turned out very nice! Love that block!!

  2. Great new stash. What a nice little gift of fabric. Your blocks are bright and cheerful.

  3. Great Christmas blocks... aren't they fun to sew?!?
    Glad the squishy arrived safely!
    Enjoy your slow stitching!

  4. I love your new fabrics..especially the cute bird one!

  5. Pretty Christmas Blocks! Fabrics are always happy mail :)! So nice to see a robin - hope for spring. We haven't seen any yet, but maybe soon.

  6. Lucky you getting to see a cardinal and a robin. I see robin's all the time and of course, I like them. But, a cardinal is a real treat. I haven't seen one since we were in Wisconsin two years ago. Love your bright cheerful fabric purchases.

  7. Your candles are great, love the flame. Your darker BG made the squares pop. Great work!

  8. The Christmas blocks seem to come along nicely. =) I cannot wait for our birdies to populate the spring trees again.