Sunday, October 29, 2017

Snow in October

Yesterday, it happened.  After a warm and sometimes even hot Fall, it got cold outside.  I had to put on my warm jacket when my husband and I went to our local farmers' market in the morning.  When I was coming home from doing an errand before lunch, it was raining and then, for a few minutes, there was some snow mixed in!  Yikes!  I was not expecting that!

Speaking of snow, I added some more snow to my counted cross stitch picture this week.

This photo was taken in the car on our way to my MIL's house last weekend.  Last night, I managed to get some more snow done.

This is a slow process!  This week, I will be spending lots of time waiting, so I anticipate getting lots of stitches added to this picture.

Speaking of snow...I went and picked up my Christmas quilt at the quilter's house yesterday.  Here is a sneak peak at the quilting--you will never guess how it is quilted...

Yup...snowflakes!  Would you believe me if I told you the snow theme was not intentional for this post?

I trimmed my Christmas quilt last night and cut the binding.  I hope to get it sewn on to the quilt by machine today so it is ready for hand sewing.

I am linking up to Kathy's blog with all of the other slow stitchers.


  1. Snow was even predicted in the mountains of North Carolina last night which is very early! Snowflakes on your Christmas quilt will be perfect!

  2. We just had rain here in Hamilton yesterday and I am still wearing sandals. I love the snowflakes on the Christmas quilt.

  3. even Little Rock Arkansas had some sleet reported at the airport on Friday afternoon - early winter?

  4. We had a few minutes of sleet fall Friday afternoon in my backyard in Texas. What a perfect quilting pattern for a Santa quilt. I haven't done counted cross stitch in years but your project is very cute.

  5. Well we are not getting any snow here in Florida but we have rain and the temps have grown cooler this week. Love the little snowmen they are so cute.

  6. There is lots of rain here today, but no snow. It is still too warm. In fact we are getting a tropical storm with thunderstorms. I love your snow themed post today. Those snowmen are looking great.

  7. Haven't had any sightings of the white stuff around here... yet!
    Enjoy your binding!

  8. Well, since it's snowing today, this is a totally appropriate post--lol! All your projects are so cute!