Sunday, March 25, 2018

Baby Quilt Top and Some EPP

I cut out some 6 1/2" squares last week for a baby quilt.  I tried to lay them out in a checkerboard pattern--white background and coloured squares but it looked a bit blah.   I dug through my stash to see if I had some brightly coloured fabric that I could use as sashing...

This looks a lot better!  There are a lot of squares with this colour of green in them so it works perfectly!  The sashing finishes at 1".  I decided not to do an outer border and just bind the quilt in the same green after I get it quilted.  The fiddle fabric above is leftover from a pillowcase I made for my dad several years ago.  He is 88 and has played the fiddle since he was 5 or 6.  My daughter used to love watching Thomas the Tank Engine when she was little.  When I was younger, my dad taught me how to paddle a canoe.  Our canoe was red.  I love gardening, so the potted flowers had to be included too.

Here is the finished quilt top.

The puffin fabric was purchased in Iceland when my husband and I went there to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary a few years ago. One of the fabrics has cameras on it--I like to take pictures.  The glasses and pencils are for my daughter--she is an accountant.   I hope the baby who receives this quilt enjoys looking at all of the fabrics.  I will have to write her a little note explaining the significance of the fabrics.

I have not had much chance to do any hand sewing this week but did get one more EPP plus sign done with cutlery fabric!

Maybe, I will get a few more plus signs done this week.  Take a look and see what the other slow stitchers are doing over at Kathy's blog


  1. The green really brightened it up nicely and the fabric in the plus sign is really cool.

  2. Such fun EPP fabric!
    And so many unique pieces in the baby quilt too!
    Enjoy slowing down with your stitches!

  3. Wise choice on the green sashing. It makes each block stand on its own. The makings of a great I Spy quilt. I just had a light bulb moment. I have some novelty fabrics....