Saturday, May 12, 2018

Slow Stitching Friends and a Colour Change...

I was supposed to go to the Norfolk Quilt show last Saturday with my friend, Karen, but the same wind storm that knocked down my fences, also knocked out the power in Simcoe, so the show was postponed until Sunday.  Karen could not go on Sunday so my husband and I went to the show together.  I met up with not one, but two other Slow Sunday Stitchers:  Sandra from  Quilting at the Cro's Nest and Kathy, the fearless gang leader of the Slow Sunday Stitchers!  That's me in the middle.  Behind us is Sandra's amazing Down the Rabbit Hole quilt, which she has been showing most weeks for the last while on Kathy's link up.  It was fun to meet Sandra and see Kathy again.  Sandra gave us a full tour of the show and told us the back stories on several of the quilts. 

Here we are again with Sandra's Tula Pink sampler.  

My husband was quite interested in the quilts and used his ballot to pick his favourite one for the viewer's choice award--He picked another one of Sandra's quilts.  Make sure you enlarge the picture to see Sandra's longarm quilting--just breathtaking! (I voted for Down the Rabbit Hole, but wished I could have had two ballots to vote for this one too.)

While working on my Frank Lloyd Wright Fountain Art Glass cross stitch picture this week, I discovered that I had used the wrong colour in the dark parts shown below--it was supposed to be a lighter shade of grey.  Ugh.  Some un-stitching happened this week.  It is not easy to pick out counted cross stitch and I did not enjoy this part of the process.  I learned to double check my colours before starting to stitch...

Despite the time spent removing the dark stitches, I managed to make some progress this week.

Above, you can see both colours--when I took this picture, I still had to remove the part above my needle.

Here is what it looks like now.  The gold squares are looking a bit random at the moment but will look better when I fill in the parts around them.

My daughter also made progress on her London, England cityscape.  You can see the London Eye and the Tower Bridge now.  Yes, that is a little raincloud over the top of some of the buildings...

Our azaleas are in bloom this week!


  1. It is so annoying when you make a mistake and it was too big a one to ignore, but it looks great now. The London cross stitch is looking good. My daughter has just started her Shanghai one!

  2. Unstitching is no fun. Beautiful quilts and such a pretty azalea. I don't have one but my neighbor's just came in to bloom :)

  3. Same as I commented on the gang leader’s post, so fun to meet up with other slow stitchers. A lovely quilt show indeed especially when you learn about the background stories. Removing stitches is a chore. Good for you continuing on.

  4. That was sooo fun! And what amazing quilts Sandra has!