Friday, May 25, 2018

Last Minute Block

Last night, I hosted the May meeting of the Elgin Piecemakers.  Our comfort quilt blocks this month were to be made with polka dot fabrics. At 10:30 pm on Wednesday night, I realized that I had not made my block yet...Yikes!  Luckily, all my polka dot fabrics are kept in one drawer in my fabric storage area so I picked out three fabrics and then went through a few magazines to look for some block inspiration.  I was looking for something easy so it would not take too long to cut out the pieces or sew the block.  I ended up with what you see above.  Whew!  I was done by 11pm.

Here are all the blocks that were brought to the meeting last night. 

There were a few people missing last night so we are short a few blocks so the members making this quilt will wait until they receive them to put it together.

We had a few comfort quilts finished or nearly finished on display last night as well.

These quilts will be donated to the adult chemo unit at our local hospital.  It is always fun to see how the blocks we make each month are transformed with some sashing and cornerstones into beautiful quilts!

My husband and I visited our daughter last weekend. She moved to a new apartment earlier this year and this was my first time seeing it.  I brought my sewing machine along as her drapes were all too long and pooling on the floor.  I had to move the furniture away from each window and then pin the drapes to the right length in place followed by ironing the hem, trimming and pinning before setting my sewing machine up on a small table or the ironing board and sewing the hem.

This is not my usual sewing set up, but I managed to get 8 drapes shortened, all to the same length, and they look much better!

The quilt in the foreground is the one I made for my daughter when she started university.

The quilt on her bed was her graduation gift when she finished university.  She picked the pattern and fabrics for both quilts.

I am hoping to have some time for some quilting this weekend...we shall see.  


  1. now hemming drapes or other things I do not mind - but when they start to ask you to repair clothing! that is something else - your daughters apartment looks nice

  2. The themed block quilts always turn out beautiful almost as if one person made them all.
    You're so sweet to hem all the curtains! I'm sure she is thrilled to have them done.

  3. What wonderful work you and your group do for charity and your daughter's apartment looks beautiful! Seeing this post I had to laugh a bit to myself :) My sister's MIL who was like a MIL to me as well passed away recently and I have a trunkful of drapes / sheers / etc in my car to sort through to see if I can use them here, at my son's or other people's places and what can't be used goes to the Mission but they've been in my trunk for a good week thus far :)