Saturday, April 18, 2020

Slow Stitching and Some New Blocks

How are you all doing?  I'm trying to keep busy--I walk Finn every morning and sometimes in the evenings too.  In between, I read, knit, cross stitch, sew and do odd jobs around the house.  My husband is working from home so Finn and I can't have any wild parties...LOL!  

The basket weave pattern is showing up more on my dish cloth this week. I am getting better at this pattern now and it is going a bit quicker. I may need to make a couple more cloths this way to get it into my muscle memory!

I added more stitches to my counted cross stitch ornament as well.   I am trying to make each star a mirror image of the one in the adjacent corner.   There may have been some unstitching a couple of times this week when I did not get it quite right.

I started a new quilt this week by making a few blocks from Lori Holt's book, Farm Girl Vintage.   First up, a milk can...

I dug into my bin of 30's prints for these blocks. Next, a chicken.

Then, a couple of barns and silos: (the red on the barn is a small scale check print that I found in my stash--it's not a 30's print but it goes...)

The gray in these blocks is leftover from the turquoise, gray and white top that I showed in my last post. 

I made the basket blocks years ago and dug them out to use as barn quilt blocks.

The canning jars are fun to look at...The purple on in the middle of the bottom row is made from a real 30's print that was actually made in the 30's.  It was given to me as a gift from a friend.

The last block is in celebration of homemade baked goods...something a lot of us are doing more of lately!

Sometimes, when I sit down to read or knit, Finn sits on my lap--he thinks it's time for a belly scratch. 

Finn is pleased to announce that he has a new cousin!  Kindle is a new addition to the extended family...Skye is happy to teach Kindle the ropes, including how to sit on the stairs and chase a ball. Finn can't wait to get together to play with his cousins but for now, pictures will have to suffice. 

The daffodils are putting on a great show in our gardens right now.

I will link up with Kathy and the slow Sunday stitchers in the morning.


  1. don't you love when your flowers start to bloom! love that gray and red stitchery those colors always look good together

  2. Your new 30s fabric blocks are lovely and the pattern in the knitting is really beginning to show. Finn looks very contented!

  3. Working on some knitting as well. I did a few rows of a cable weave pattern for an afghan but although I loved the pattern it was too dense for what I was doing. I am making up the design as I go. A sampler type afghan.

  4. Love your Lori Holt blocks. I have yet to make one of her designs. LOVE Finn's future playmates!

  5. Your 30s fabric are perfect for those blocks! My granddog loves belly rubs too! Your knitting is looking great the tension looks perfect

  6. Your Lori Holt blocks are fantastic! I think Kindle is adorable, sure to learn even more tricks from Skye! When the cousins get together, it'll be a party!

  7. Love those Lori Holt blocks! Lovely stitching and knitting! Kindle is a cutie!