Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sewing My Scraps and some Slow Stitching

The colours for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month are light and medium/bright blue so I made two more blocks for my RSC challenge quilt for 2021. I used 17 different blues in each block. 

Here are the five blocks I have made so far this year.  

 One of the guilds I belong to, the Elgin Piecemakers, has taken on a new charity project this year.  We have 20 members and we have each agreed to make 12 placemats before November to be distributed to all of the Meals on Wheels recipients in our county.  I got started on my first three placemats this week.  Except for the solid borders, all of the fabrics came from the bottomless scrap bins. The first placemat is quilted and I still need to add binding.  The other two still need to be quilted and bound. More blue scraps used up!

For my leaders and enders project, I have started making black on white colour blocks. I have two done so far.  These will be used in my next Colour Blocks challenge quilt. I will be adding some white on black blocks as well. 

Christine and I used to get together in person every week to sew for a few hours.  During the pandemic, we have still been getting together but now it is virtually, on FaceTime!  We both attended a virtual class on Pineapple quilts with Barb Vedder a few weeks ago and we are still working on our blocks.  More scraps being used in this project too. 

Here are my blocks in progress:

Each log finishes at .5" wide. 

Christine and I are both working on counted cross stitch projects as well so we got together on FaceTime again to hand stitch and chat together.  The blue flower on Love Birds is over half finished!

Our daughter continues to be very busy at work (at home!) but she did have a few moments to stitch this week. 

My husband and I both received our first vaccine this week.  Ontario COVID numbers are rising rapidly so the Stay at Home orders have been tightened again.  We continue to do our part to keep our family and our community safe.

I received this picture from C's Mom this week.  I made this I Spy quilt for C when he was born--he is now about 18 months old.  His Mom says he loves looking for birdies and doggies on his quilt!  This warms the cockles of this quilter's heart!  (C's Parents and Grandparents are friends of the family--not related to us. )

These small white flowers were spotted on a bush at the side of the path where I walk each morning.  So pretty!

Our Azalea bush is out in full bloom!  It was a birthday gift to my husband from Christine and her husband a few years ago.  Such a beautiful colour!

We took Finn for a walk in a local park this week and he sat still for a few seconds so I could take his picture!  I'm not sure what the purple flowers are in the background. 

I will link up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge now and with the Slow Sunday Stitching group in the morning.  Take care and stay safe. 


  1. Your BLUE blocks are SEW sweet, but not as sweet as seeing your grandson enjoying his quilt!!!

  2. Your RSC blocks look great together. I especially like the cheeky monkey poking his head up on the first block! I've been thinking of making an I spy quilt and seeing your friends little one enjoying it makes me want to sort out my fabrics! I'm glad you have had your first vaccine, keep safe! PS Finn is so photogenic!

  3. Your scrappy blue blocks look fantastic and I look forward to seeing your rainbowy quilt at the end of the year. Great placemats too. What a wonderful thing to do for your county.

  4. Love your placemats, well done Gail, and for a great couse. Your blocks are preety happy. I am so happy to know you and your husband got the 1st vaccine!!! Be safe and happy weekend.

  5. I love all of your blocks. What a great way to use up some scraps with those placemats....and for a good cause also. Your pineapple blocks and Love Birds cross-stitch are really progressing. I am really looking forward to seeing the butterfly in your daughter's stitching. Thanks so much for another Finn photo. Always makes me smile!

  6. Great blocks, fantastic stitching (by both of you), pretty flowers and Finn! What a lovely start to my morning!

  7. I love the block you chose for the RSC! My husband has had his Covid shot, but I am still not eligible in my Region...probably soon though. Stay well, xo

  8. It's lovely to see little C enjoying his quilt it does make the work all worthwhile to know that it's appreciated. Love you and your daughters stitching and so nice to do it together with Facetime, hopefully it won't be long before Facetime won't be needed as much and you can stitch side by side. Great that you had your vaccine! Have a lovely week.

  9. Love the blocks you have made with the four patches, I've got quite a pile of these and thinking of ways to assemble them, so may have to borrow your idea,