Saturday, April 24, 2021

Spring to Winter and Back to Spring Again

We had weird weather this week...Spring and then Winter and then Spring again!  Finn not too keen to go outside on Wednesday morning but did eventually do what he needed to do.  Then he stuck his face in the snow before coming back inside to snuggle with me on the couch while I hand stitched some binding on the placemats I made for Meals on Wheels. 


It melted right away on the driveway and sidewalks so at least we did not have to shovel it!  By Friday, it had all melted and we were in our spring jackets again. 

Here are my three finished placemats.  I hope to make some more soon.  Several other members of the guild had made placemats before our Zoom meeting on Thursday so we have made a good start on the ~240 that we need to make. 

I finished knitting the cable dishcloth this week too. I made this to learn how to do cables so now I am ready to tackle a bigger project.  I have a pattern, needles and yarn already.  I will try to get started this week. 

Christine and I worked on our pineapple blocks again this week.  They are slowly getting bigger. 

I have four white with black colour blocks done now.  This is my leaders/enders project. I need 13 of these and 12 black with white ones for my next scrappy colour block quilt. 

I signed up for a round robin with the Toronto Modern Guild. I started making my centre block this week and will e-mail a picture of it to the next person on the list along with the size. She will make a border or two and then mail them to me by the end of next month.  I will send a picture of the centre with the first border to the next person on the list and then she will make something for my quilt.  In the meantime, I will be making blocks/borders for other people each month.  There are 6 of us in our group. (Can you tell my block will be a scrappy sewing machine?)

Love Birds is coming along.  The blue flower is just about done and I added the small heart under my needle minder this week too.  I send a picture to the newlyweds each week to show my progress and they are very happy with it. 

My daughter added some more stitches to Munich as well.  This picture is much bigger than the other cityscapes she has made in the past. I love the bright colours in these cityscapes. 

We took Finn for a long walk at the park today and saw these yellow flowers growing at the base of a large tree. So pretty. 

I will link up with Kathy and the Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning. 


  1. Your cables looks perfect, you are ready for new tricot adventures!
    The placemats are beautiful and I can see progress on both cross stitch projects you and your daughter are doing. Happy new Spring week.

  2. I love the picture with snow covering finns chops! Your cable dishcloth has turned out well. I wait to see what your bigger project will be. Those placemats look great, it's such a good idea. Nice progress on your other projects too.

  3. Finn is so sweet with snow in his whiskers. Do you enjoy knitting cables? There are so many lovely cable patterns out there. How lovely for the meals on wheels recipients to eat their meal with the plate resting on such pretty placemats. As ever there are a lot of lovely projects, both you and your daughter are working on. That round robin sounds fun.

  4. you have a lot of stitching going on and it all looks great - sorry you are still having snow and here it is almost May! even parts of Arkansas had a short lasting snow this month! I'm so glad I hadn't planted my garden yet

  5. There was snow where I live this week, too - it is nice that Spring snows melt quickly! Your placemats are pretty - that looks like a great design for a project like that. So impressive that your guild is going to contribute so many!

  6. Great projects. Love your washcloth! Hope you get some spring weather soon. As always it is lovely seeing your daughter's beautiful stitching and Finn the wonder dog!

  7. I hope you stay in Spring weather from now on. Love your washcloth. Those cables look great. Those two cross-stitch pieces look so pretty and are progressing fairly quickly. Always love some Finn photos!

  8. Hopefully the warmer weather is here to stay, our plants are covered tonight because of the frost warning.

  9. lots of fun projects in todays post. I like the B&W blocks and your pineapples are looking great!
    pretty stitchery, the city scape is really neat.
    Hope it has warmed up.

  10. I’m enjoying all your projects in progress. Thanks for sharing. The early yellow flowers in the forest setting are “glacier lillies”. They bloom in our high mountain meadows in spring.

  11. So many fun and lovely projects that you have going on. I hope that the weather has warmed up. We had a cold snap too, but today it was quite warm. You are making great progress on your pineapple blocks. Have a very lovely week.