Saturday, December 9, 2023

'Tis the Season of Secret Projects

Last weekend, we went to visit our daughter and Finn.  On the way there and back, I hand stitched the binding on two quilts, the nautical themed comfort quilt I showed last week and this Whistlestop quilt.  I am very happy to have finished this quilt!  I have two more lap quilts pin basted, ready for quilting but they will have to wait until after the holidays for I am in the midst of making gifts that cannot be shown on my blog until after Christmas. 

I did a bit of knitting most days this past week.  My scarf is growing, slowly!  It's not long enough to wrap around my neck yet.  This wool is very soft and very easy to knit with. 

It snowed while we were visiting Finn and our daughter and our visit was extended by a day to let the road conditions improve before venturing out towards home.   Finn was very excited to have us there.  He likes to look out the window at the squirrels. 

Finn likes to stick his face in the snow and run around in it but he hates his boots and coat that he must wear to protect his feet from the salt on the sidewalks and keep warm. 

The trees with the snow clinging to them reminded us of the opening scenes of a Christmas movie.  

There is not any snow where we live and I wonder if this is how it will be during the holidays. I will continue to work on my secret projects this week.  The big day is fast approaching!  I will link up with Kathy and the slow Sunday stitchers in the morning. 


  1. That comfort quilt is very pretty. I love the yarn you are using for your scarf. Finn is such a character. The snow looks pretty. We are expecting a huge amount of rain and wind today. It is too warm here for snow.

  2. nice quilting on your lap quilt. That scarf, with your hat will be very cosy. Finn is always adorable!

  3. that is nice that you were able to get so much binding done while driving to your daughters - you said once you are a couple hours from her? I like how you quilted that quilt.

  4. Oh, pretty yarn, pretty quilt, and (as always) cute dog! Stay warm and safe in all that snow.

  5. That is a pretty finish, Gail! I really like the quilting you did on it. Enjoy your knitting today and finishing up those secret projects!

  6. I have a feeling the snow will arrive before you know it. Keep on knitting that scarf, girl! PS Finn is always so darn cute!!

  7. your whistle stop quilt matches the colors of your scarf! I am working on a scarf too and boy they take forever.
    I miss the snow. Its been over 700 days since we have any