Saturday, May 11, 2024

A Little White Lie

 When my friend, Christine, asked me what I was sewing at the guild sewing day, I told her a little white lie.  I told her that I had worked on my sew together bag and that I had finally finished it. She asked me to send her a picture, which I "forgot" to do, until today, when I actually finished it!

The reason why I was not working on my Sew Together bag is because I was making one for Christine for her birthday.  I took her out for a birthday lunch on Friday and gave her the bag, and then told her that mine was not finished yet...   She was very surprised that I had made two of them! Here is Christine's bag: 

I did some cross stitching several evenings this past week. The lupins are coming along nicely now!

Friday night, the northern lights were visible in our area, so we went for a late night drive down a dark country road to see them.  We could see something faint but as soon as I looked through my phone camera, the pinks and greens were very clearly visible! It was a "wow" moment, for sure!

My husband and I went for a hike with the local hiking club one morning this past week.  It was a gorgeous day and there were lots of wildflowers in bloom.  This is cow parsley.

A dandelion seed head. 

Jack in the Pulpit

Finn is glad to be back home with our daughter and has settled into the routine there. 

He was an enthusiastic walker when they went to the pet store to get his food one day at lunchtime.  He was not so happy to leave the pet store...  They give him treats there. 

The deutzia bush in our front garden is starting to bloom.  

And, the clematis by our patio is starting to bloom too.  I just love this time of year!

The Quilts for Survivors of Residential Schools group is collecting 12.5" blocks at Quilt Canada in Edmonton, Alberta in June.  Members of the Oxford Guild have been asked to make blocks to give to this worthy cause.  One of our members who will be attending Quilt Canada has agreed to take the blocks in her suitcase to Edmonton for us.  The blocks are due at our June meeting. I dug into my bin of batik fabrics to made some blocks.  I challenged myself to use two fabrics in each block and to make each block different from the others.  I made six blocks this afternoon and hope to make more before the deadline.  I have not run out of batik fabric yet...

I have another block cut out but not sewn yet and some more fabrics are paired up waiting to be cut and sewn into blocks.  I'm aiming to make 20 blocks--enough for one quilt.  The blocks will be sewn together at the QFS booth at Quilt Canada and they are hoping to get enough blocks (1000) to make 50 quilt tops.  I'm hoping they far exceed their goal. 

I will link up with Kathy's slow Sunday stitchers in the morning and Frederique's link up as well. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and those who take on this role in other's lives.  


  1. What a wonderful surprise for your friend! Her pouch is beautiful, and I love yours too. Very pretty and handy! Your flowers also are lovely, embroidered or real ;) Seeing the northern lights is a real treat, and in France they were also clearly visible.
    Wonderful batik charity blocks, you have paired the colors so beautifully.
    Thank you for sharing, and please pet cute Finn for me ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures of your blocks and the cross-stitch project. That Finn is such a giggle! We are just on the edge of being able to see the Northern Lights. I went outside to see if I could see them but I couldn't. I just learned that you can see them better with the camera as a neighbor sent me pictures of what I couldn't see with the naked eye. Such beauty!

  3. The Northern lights were good around here too but I only saw photos of them.

  4. Those bags are so pretty. What a nice gift. Your lupins look really pretty. Those blocks you made are so pretty. I think I have some of the same batik fabrics. Finn looks quite happy. How wonderful that you saw the Northern Lights. Such a beautiful sight.

  5. I'm so impressed with your Sew Together bags, Gail - two of them! I bet your friend loves hers. Your northern lights photos are wonderful, too. The blocks you're making for the survivor quilts are really pretty - they will make lovely quilts!

  6. Lovely surprise for your friend, I love it! Beautiful Northern Lights pictures. The survivor quilt blocks are lovely. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Such a sweet bag for your friend. Lots of compartments too- how neat. The northern lights were amazing. We were able to see them on Friday, but not last night. Gorgeous quilt blocks in the works. Happy Mother's Day! Hugs.

  8. Such a lovely gift for your friend, I'm sure those bags have a lot of tricky sewing in them. Nice donation blocks you are making for a good cause. The night skies have been amazing here too, although we haven't actually seen the lights, just plenty of pictures on the TV each night. I think you need to get away from town/city lights and have clear skies for the best views.