Saturday, May 18, 2024

More Quilts for Survivors Blocks

I decided to make lots of HST's for this week's batch of blocks for Quilts for Survivors.  I did not have very much of either of these two fabrics for this block--I ended up piecing the middle square from three pieces of fabric to make it big enough.  You probably would not have noticed if I had not told you!

How about some flying geese?

Slanted Diamonds

Broken Dishes

Economy block variation

I actually have 14 blocks ready to donate now.  Two of them are not in this picture. Only 6 more to go to meet my goal of 20 blocks. These will be taken by a friend to the QFS booth at Quilt Canada in Edmonton.

Building has begun on our local hospice and I am collecting quilts from local quilters to be used on the beds at the hospice.  I have made one quilt already and will make another one this summer. I have lots of batik fabrics to use for this quilt and I am deciding on a pattern/colour scheme.  Here is the quilt I made in 2019 for the hospice.   I used Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips pattern for this quilt. (building the hospice was delayed by the pandemic)

I spent a few hours cross stitching this week on my Lupins.  There is a lot of backstitching to do on this picture which will help to define the flowers and bring out the details.  I backstitched the stem on the left lupin this week just because I wanted it to look more like a lupin and less like patches of light purple.

There is a pond at one of our local parks--the bullfrogs were talking to each other, loudly.  I named this one "Jeremiah". 

Finn was angling for a belly rub while my daughter worked from home this week.  Who could resist those eyes?

We went to the local nursery and bought flowers for our patio and porch pots.  Everything is planted now and is being watered every day.  The flowers will grow and fill in the pots nicely, as long as the neighbourhood squirrels quit trying to dig them up everyday...

The purple clematis is in full bloom. 

My husband and I went on another hike with the local hiking club this week.  It is our plan to go on one hike a week with the club.   The Mayapples were in bloom. 

We missed the peak of the bluebells but there were still a few in bloom. 

Dappled sunlight on the trail. 

I had to buy a new 1/4" foot for my sewing machine after breaking mine--it was 23 years old so it didn't owe me anything.  Anyway, now that I have a new foot, I hope to do some more QFS blocks this weekend as well as some machine quilting on a lap quilt. I will link up with Kathy and the slow Sunday stitchers in the morning as well as Frederique today. 


  1. such pretty flowers and so many nice quilts. We had a really nice Hospice in our area that was in business for at least 10 years or more and it suddenly closed having lost a lot of their funding - sad -- you have so many nice quilts.

  2. .........oh, I forgot to add, Gail, that your Lupins are looking beautiful!

  3. You're making beautiful blocks and quilts with your Batiks, Gail! They're going to be loved and appreciated. The lupine stitching is really pretty. I love seeing all your blooming things, too. Looks like you have a purple theme going on there! 💜

  4. I love all of those half square triangle blocks. It is amazing the variety of looks you can get. The original hospice quilt is so pretty and joyful. I look forward to seeing the one you are working on now. Your lupines are looking very pretty. What a pretty hiking trail. Your flower pot is very pretty. That is tomorrows buying trip.

  5. Ah yes, now I have "Jeremiah was a bullfrog running in my head. My brothers used to play that song when I was little all the time! The colors of your quilt blocks are so rich, and I am totally in love with them! And the lupine stitching is coming along beautifully. Happy stitching!

  6. Great blocks you made, and lovely Scrappy Trips! Finn is his usual adorable self. Love the lupin stitching!

  7. Indeed, if you hadn't said anything about the central square, I wouldn't have noticed! Very pretty battiks and HST, your layouts are beautiful. It's going to be a lovely donation quilt.
    The Lupins are coming along nicely, and your real flowers are beautiful too!
    Thank you for sharing, and do a belly rub to Finn for me ;)

  8. Your fabrics are so beautiful! And I enjoy seeing your lupins now come to life. I think your garden is far ahead of mine here in my corner of Ontario. Blooms are a feast for the eye after the winter!

  9. The blocks are beautiful as is your Trip Around the World quilt. What a great day for a hike. Love all your flora & fauna pictures right on down to Jeremiah and Finn! Lol!

  10. Lovely blocks you have made, and the Hospice quilt will look wonderful on the bed, bring comfort for those in need.

  11. Your blocks are amazing . Such rich beautiful fabrics that you are working with. Scrappy Trips is stunning. Aaw Finn looks so precious- what a character. Have an awesome week. Hugs.