Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today is My Birthday!

Today is my birthday. We had a big family dinner here this afternoon to celebrate with my favourite dessert--Apple Bavarian Torte. My husband gave me this bag on wheels for my sewing machine and supplies --I can use it when I go to a quilting workshop or retreat. There are pockets for all of my supplies and tools as well as a big compartment in the middle with straps to hold my sewing machine in place. it even comes with a bungee cord to strap a plastic tote on the top! My MIL went to her local quilting store and bought me some fat quarters which are in the pocket in the first picture.

I used to use a big suitcase on wheels to bring all of my stuff with me to a workshop but it was hard to get in and out of the car because it was so big. My husband said he saw one of these bags in a quilt store and wrote the name of it down into the "notes" section of his blackberry. He ordered it on the internet from the manufacturer. I can hardly wait to go to a workshop or retreat so I can try it out!
Yesterday, I put together the middle section of my Island Star quilt. I just have to add the borders now.


  1. Happy Birthday! fat quarters & Apple Bavarian Torte.......sounds like a good day to me.

  2. OH!!! You lucky duck. Happy Birthday! Your Island Star quilt is gorrrrrrrrgeous (blue and yellow are so yummy!)