Friday, October 1, 2010

Gee's Bend Challenge--The Big Reveal!

Today was the first day of the London Friendship Quilters' Guild "Harvest of Quilts" show. I volunteered in the morning at the raffle table with Christine. At lunch time, we went out for lunch with the group involved in the Gee's Bend Challenge and everyone got to show off their projects. Others in the restaurant were also admiring our handiwork!

For most of us, this project took us way outside our normal comfort zones.

Everyone used fabric from our stashes--often the fabric was something we would not something we would normally use in our quilting projects. The back of this quilt was as interesting as the front!

My quilt was made mostly of denim and corduroy leftover from shortening jeans and cords. The pocket is from an old pair of jeans that my daughter wore at one time.

The binding was made by wrapping the backing fabric around to the front of the quilt and sewing it down. The corners were not mitered!

Lots of wild fabrics in different combinations were used in these projects.

Some of these fabrics were used to make boxer shorts for this quilter's sons!

This was a fun challenge and we have decided explore the possibility of doing another challenge soon!

The bonus of this project was getting to see everyone again and going out for lunch. It was a great opportunity to get caught up with the latest news!


  1. These are all very creative, "comfort zone" or not! Fun stuff, ladies!

  2. Fabulous challenge idea with great results!

  3. Those Gees Bend style quilts are great. Looks like tons of fun.
    I really like your daughter's pocket used as a center medallion. I'd put something in the pocket, but I can't think of what. If I think of something good, I'll be back. :)