Wednesday, October 6, 2010

May Flowers and Apples for the Teacher

Anyone who has been reading my blog over the last week or so has probably noticed that I have had some issues with pictures within the posts and for my header. Blogger changed the photo uploader last week and I think they still have a few bugs to work out!  Bear with me--hopefully, it will work better soon!

Today, I spent much of the day sewing two more rows on my Claudia's Quilts row of the month quilt. I finally tackled the dreaded May row--May Flowers and I also did the September row--Apples. I am using only batiks for this project and actually had to go out and purchase some red batiks for the September row. The May row had me stumped about what colours to use. I am not as happy with it as I had hoped but I am not going to take it apart at this point! I have the pattern printed for the October row and will work on it shortly.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and my daughter will be home from University for the weekend. We are hosting dinner this year so there will be lots of cooking going on--I will have to put away my sewing machine and bins of fabric for a few days!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving - your quilt looks lovely - I have the patterns to date, but haven't started the sewing yet.