Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Little Sewing on My Arcs

Yesterday afternoon, I made some more 4 patches for my Indian Orange Peel quilt. I still need to make some more but I need to beg, borrow or buy some more fabric before I can complete this part. Perhaps there will be some time soon to do some post-Christmas sale shopping...  Here are my "cool" 4 patches:
And here are my "warm" four patches:

Today, I made 5 more arcs:

The arcs are pretty labour intensive but I love the way they look when they are done!  7 arcs down, 113 to go.  14 four patches done and 11 more to go.  There is still lots of sewing to do for this project but, at least now, I feel like I am making some progress!

I delivered this gift to a friend last evening. She has wanted a threadcatcher for a while so now she has her own!  She gave me some wonderful Christmas FQ's and some sewing room supplies--pins, an extra blade for my rotary cutter, some template plastic (which will be used for my IOP) and some rulers. Gotta love those quilty friends!
I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


  1. Love those arcs! Great job! We'll all start making more progress after the holidays I'm sure.
    Merry Christmas Gail!

  2. Love your positive attitude, "7 down, 113 to go"...I think I would be saying "That's enough, right? Let's make just a table runner..." LOL
    Way to go, Gayle, you make us all proud!
    Merry Christmas, hugs, pokey

  3. OOps, sorry for the misspell, Gail