Monday, December 27, 2010

More Pillowcases

Besides all of the pillowcases that Jacqui, Chris and I made for charity, (see this post), I also made several pillowcases as gifts. When my grandmother died last January, I was given a suitcase full of her fabric. I wanted to share this somehow with my cousins and their families so I decided to make a pillowcase for each great and great great grandchild <20 years old for Christmas. I used Grandma's fabric for the main body and the narrow trim piece of each pillowcase and my own fabric for the decorative band on each pillowcase. I tried to customize each pillowcase for the person who was receiving it so some have trucks, others are a sports theme and still others, flowers or other juvenile prints.

I made my daughter's pillowcase from fabric to match her university quilt that I made her last year. The decorative band on hers is from Grandma's fabric.

Here are the rest of the pillowcases.
We will be seeing everyone in this family at our annual Christmas gathering shortly. There will be about 60 of us!  One new baby was just born (a boy) and another will be born shortly. I made them pillowcases too!


  1. What a wonderful personalized gift you have made for everyone. Great job.

  2. How nice for everybody to have a personal pillow-case - and a memory of Grandma all rolled up in one!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure everyone loved their tribute pillowcases.