Monday, September 7, 2009

The Big Reveal!

We had a BBQ/family party for my daughter on Saturday. We gave her the quilt and she loves it! I'm told it was very comfortable to sleep under last night. I had the machine quilter put in a few special items into the quilting: There were big flowers on most of the blocks.

Purple cone flowers are her favourite flowers.

Curling is her favourite sport so I had them add a curling rock. There's also a heart, "OX", and a frog--when she was little, she collected frogs.

Here's a picture of her bed in residence with the quilt.


  1. How fun to do that in the quilting and very creative!

  2. So very pretty...I can see why it is loved.

  3. It is beautiful! And nothing beats an appreciative recipient!

  4. So nice that she has something so special from home and especially Mom to keep close while she is away