Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Daughter's 3rd Quilt

I have made my daughter 4 quilts over the years. You have seen the 4th one--the university quilt which is now on her bed at her dorm. The above quilt, "Friendship Star" was made by my daughter and I and is on her bed at home. We purchased the fabric in Grand Marais, Minnesota at Crystal's Log Cabin Quilts in June 2003. It was hand quilted by a church group at a church in London, Ontario. We painted her room to match the background fabric. We later made the pillows for her bed from some flannel purchased at a quilt store in St. Jacob's, which is, unfortunately, no longer in business. I will dig out quilts #1 (the one that was in her crib) and #2 (the quilt that was on her first "big girl" bed--a trip around the world quilt) shortly and will post some pictures. I have had a very busy week and have not had any sewing time, but with any luck, I will be doing some sewing tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful quilt. Your insights about this bed being on your daughter's bed in college, reminds me of the quilt I made for myself in college. I think it was when log cab & strip quilting was first emerging (ages ago). It was warm, but it certainly wasn't as beautiful as the quilt you and your daughter made. Very cheerful.

    I'm sure all her new college friends will want one!


  2. Oh dear....all the college kids will be wanting a quilt...see what you started?!! LOL
    The blue one on the bed is bright and today.

  3. Beautiful quilt! And such a happy could you ever feel sad sleeping in a bed like this?!?!