Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to the Quilter's!

I finished piecing Kaitlyn's stars and took it to the machine quiters yesterday afternoon. I spent a lot of time agonizing over the layout. It was impossible to get the blocks laid out so the same colours were not beside each other! I decided that I just needed to sew it together and get it off to the quilting people! There is a family baby shower Sunday afternoon so it must be done before then. It is next in line to be quilted so that I can have it back in time to get the binding on before Sunday. This is a busy week at my house, as usual, so I don't anticipate a lot of sewing happening this week.

I am still working on piecing the blocks for the Christmas lights mystery quilt...I will post a picture when they are done.

There is a quilt show in October locally. I would like to put a few quilts into it... I have some that will just need some binding after they get back from the machine quilters so I hope to get them done in time for the show.

My quilting friends and I are hoping to have a QNIC next week sometime. One quilting friend is off at a quilting retreat this week for 3 days...I am so jealous! Working full time really cuts into my sewing time!


  1. It's lovely! I think you did a wonderful job!!!!

  2. No kidding about work. I can't wait to retire and have all day to quilt.Four and a half years and counting down.

  3. Lovely! I made one in dog theme flannel prints a long time's a fun pattern, eh?
    I am still dreaming of some day crashing the QNIC parties!