Tuesday, January 4, 2011

QNIC: Indian Orange Peel

Tonight, 6 of us got together to work on our IOP quilts at Jacqui's house. Some worked on arcs and others on 4 patches. I spent some time sorting out my new fabrics into the correct colour categories, with some consultation with my quilting friends, of course.  Here are all of my fabrics:

Next, I made several 4 patches which will be used for the centre of the orange peel blocks. I need 13 cool 4 patches and 12 warm four patches. I still have to do a few more warm 4 patches.

Then, I sewed a couple of arcs.  I have 9 arcs done now. 111 to go...
Deb worked on cutting fabric.

Christine worked on some arcs:
Jacqui made good headway on 8 arcs:

Chris and Pat also worked on 4 patches.
Of course, we had a snack--tea, coffee, cookies, squares, cheese and crackers. We were all pleased with the progress we made tonight. We all have lots more cutting and sewing to do before our next workshop in March. We hope to get together once a week to work on this quilt--anyone working on this quilt definately needs a support group!


  1. I'm so jealous :(
    Wish I lived closer and could pop over for some sewing inspiration. Looks like you had a fun and productive evening! I must get to work!

  2. What a fun group! There is so much inspiration going on when you get together to be creative with friends.

  3. Looking good Gail! I still have my pics on the camera...hope to do a blog post tonight if I have a chance :-). It was great getting together!! Kathy...we're working on a Saturday date...I'll email you!!

  4. Wow!! I love the colours and the pattern, would love to have a go at that one!!! I shall look forward to watching the progress and the finished quilt!!