Thursday, July 14, 2011

Part of Step 7 of RRCB

Christine and I got together last night to work on RRCB...both of us had our homework done!  Christine is making a single bed quilt and I am making a queen size quilt so I have a lot more blocks to do than she does. We worked on sewing some of our blocks together with the pieces from Steps 2 and 4 that we finished last week. We are bouncing around the steps for this quilt--we did part of Step 7 last night.

Here are all my parts, ready to sew!

Here is my first block, ready to chain piece...

And here is Christine's first block...
I worked on several blocks at one time. The light fabric in the bottom left block has spools on it.

I finished 13 blocks to this stage--only 17 more to go! The green squares in the upper left corner of each block are for the borders on the blocks.

Here are some of Christine's blocks.

Our homework for the next couple of weeks...string blocks made from neutrals. I have lots of fun fabrics cut for my strings...stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations girls on getting to the blocks! I am really enjoying your encourages me to keep going so I get to the block stage! I am close to finished with step 5 now and any day now I will get on 30 more strings from step 3!

  2. All of the blocks look great - you are inspiring me to finish up my RRCB.