Saturday, July 23, 2011

Elgin Piecemakers' Bee Day and more String Blocks

Today, 10 members of the Elgin Piecemakers got together at Heather's house to make 4 quilts for cancer patients at our local hospital--this is our ongoing charity project. We all made the same coins quilt pattern in 4 different colourways. Pat chose the fabrics and we worked in groups of 2 or 3 to put the quilts together.

I used my new Featherweight to sew the coins together for our group.
 The finished top is shown below. One of our group members is going to do the quilting on her machine at home. We hope to have all of these quilts ready to donate to the hospital shortly.

One group had blue fabrics and used yellow for the sashings.
 This quilt had black and white coins with black on black sashing.
 Purple, green and yellow coins made this quilt quite cheery!
 All of the groups (except my group) made their quilts using the quilt as you go method.
 Smoothing everything out before adding the next row of coins...

I have been working on 10 more string blocks for my Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt and finished them when I got home today. 16 done, 44 to go...
 I went through all of my fabrics to find interesting neutrals/whites, creams and prints with light backgrounds...this strip has Hershey's kisses on it. (leftover from my husband's Valentine's Day gift--a pillow case.)
 Jacqui gave me the pins fabric. I even pulled some strips out of my drawer of selvages...

 The chicken fabric above came from the Quilts of the Netherlands show which was held recently in Ailsa Craig.

I hope to make another batch of string blocks this week as well as finish sewing the pink, green and brown blocks together. The next time Christine and I get together, we hope to get started on the red and neutral HST's--all 600 of them--Yikes!


  1. The coin quilts look beautiful, and your string blocks for RRCB are looking great.

  2. Gail, your Piecemakers do fabulous work! I love the colors of the pinks and neutrals with the brown sashings! Very pretty!
    You are making good progress on the RRCB strings that are such fun to look at and see all the memories.

  3. The coin quilts look great and will be so appreciated. Many hands make light work and I bet the comaradarie is wonderful. Your string blocks look terrific.